Charles Hutchinson


I’m a full-time web freelancer working near Dallas, Texas. I’m an Upwork fan and spend my days, and some of my nights, helping clients build a better web presence. Otherwise, you’ll find me writing proposals to win new clients on Upwork. It’s the freelancer way!

I’ll share some things I’ve learned from my IT and freelancing careers, including advice, pitfall avoidance, and other strategies, tips, and encouragement.

Mostly, I want to encourage you to stay the course. Get started and don’t stop. When you feel like quitting, it’s because the next proposal will be the one.

Hutch’s Blog

My Freelancer Tools

Freelancers should keep it simple My first rule is to keep it simple. I use the fewest tools and services possible. I do this for two reasons. Expense - This is just good business. We are in business for profit. The difference between what we spend every month and...

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ADHD and Personal Workflow

Have you ever been squirreled? Are you wondering how squirrels, ADHD, and Personal Workflow could possibly be in the same paragraph? Hang in there, it gets better. Being squirreled happens to me all the time. I’ll be going through my day, with decent focus, working on...

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