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Marketing Technology Stack

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Marketing Technology Stack

Signing up for our managed services plan allows you to focus on running your business, not your web platform. We’ve helped dozens of small businesses bring their web business platform under control by establishing standards for each specific part of the WordPress small business platform. From hosting to email marketing, Google analytics and report, search console corrections, backups and business resiliency. We document your online operations and setup repeatable, standard process that allow your web platform to operate at its peak efficiency. Problem and change management implementation, security protocols and development standards allow

  I was forced into learning about “those new computers in the storage room.” It was an order from my company commander after finding out that other companies were already “Plugged In”, or plugged up. He wasn’t sure but, we needed to get plugged in too. Apparently, not being plugged in could hurt a company commanders promotion chances.

In 1987, while serving in the US Army, I was tasked with unboxing, setting up, configuring, networking and connecting these eight new IBM 80286 Personal Computers to the Headquarters main frame.

I was given this opportunity by the Co. Commander because I had served with him a few years prior at Ft. Hood, TX. He remembered that I had a “penchant” for computers. That was true, if you consider a Commodore Vic 20 a computer.

The good news was that, I was hooked. I got into every aspect of managing and improving the network and connections.

When I left the military, I was was able to leverage my US Army experience to land a job with a major insurance company in the IT Department. That job led to a job at the St. Paul Companies, then Ameritrade, Bank One and Chase Bank, working my way up to Regional IT Director.

Turning to full-time freelancing in 2015, I realized that many small business owners were reaching out for help with eCommerce, Email list building and mail automation, Customer Relationship Management, PayPal, Google Search, SEO, etc.



Core Tennants

Make it Right!

We want our clients be be satisfied with all of the services we provide. If you ever feel that something is not quite right, reach out so that we can make it right!

Slow Loading Websites Suck!

We’ve never heard a website visitor complain, “This website loads way to fast. Someone should fix this.”

Quickly loading web pages are often what sets your site apart from your competitors.

Don't Skimp On Hosting

Don’t be fooled into saving a few dollars a month with shared, budget hosting. The most vulnerable and 

For less than $30 per month, you can run your business website on a Virtual Private Host.

Time Is YOUR Friend

Don’t waste your time doing something that someone else can do better, faster and for less.

How many times have you finally figured out the solution, after hours of digging, to realize that you’ve just spent the net equivelant of eight hours solving something that you could have paid someone $50.00 to do for you. All that, and while you were off doing something else.

Number "Grades" are a Misleading

It’s great to see a “100” on Google Lighthouse or “A”, “A” on GT Metrix. Don’t be swayed by letter or number grades. Here’s what matters. How quickly does the page at the other end of that link BEGIN to display SOMETHING.

Measure your site by TTFB (Time To First Byte), speed, how fast does the page load? It’s what visitors and SEO spiders care about.

My Approach

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