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Charles Hutchinson Agency

WordPress Managed Services

Sign up for one of our managed services plans. Our Managed Services Plans allows you to focus on running your business, not your web platform.

We’ve helped dozens of small businesses bring their web business platform under control by establishing standards for each specific part of the WordPress small business platform. From hosting to email marketing, Google analytics and reporting, search console maintenance and updates and, backups and business resiliency.

We document your online operations and setup repeatable, standard process that allow your web platform to operate at its peak efficiency. Problem and change management implementation, security protocols and maintenance/development standards allow us to maintain your business web platform to the highest standards, and ensure that your website is available to your customers and visitors.

We Recommend

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

Lightspeed Server (VPS) Hosting

Core Tennants

At Charles Hutchinson Digital, we believe that our clients have a right to expect a high-level of professionalism, curtesy and respect. Whether you have been with us since our beginning or you are our newest customer, we want you to be extremely happy with our services and the outcome you receive with your web project.

We want you to have the fastest and most optimized website amongst your competitors. Affordably priced, fast website hosting with a Private Virtual Server (VPS) provide the foundation to your online platform.


Make it Right!

We want our clients be be satisfied with all of the services we provide. If you ever feel that something is not quite right, reach out so that we can fix it!

Make it on-time!

Our services are to be delivered within the agreed time-frame. We understand about project slipage, content changes and items that are just out of the control of our clients and, sometimes us. We believe it’s imperative that your project be delivered on-time, so we can get on with the next phase or your project or onto your next business project.

Slow Loading Websites Suck!

We’ve never heard a website visitor complain, “This website loads way to fast. Someone should fix this.” All of our maintenance plans include monthly “Website Speed Optimization” as a core component.

Quickly loading web pages are often what sets your site apart from your competitors.

Don't Skimp On Hosting

As a serious web business owner, we don’t want you to be fooled into saving a few dollars a month with shared, budget hosting. Budget or “shared” hosting is the slowest and least optimized hosting you can purchase.

For less than $30 per month, you can run your business website on a Virtual Private Host.

Our Approach

We take the time to understand your business and your website needs.

When you partner with Charles Hutchinson Digital, whether for a quick, one-off project or with a monthly maintenance plan, we walk you step-by-step through the requirements gathering portion of your engagement.

  • We ensure we have all of the relevant information about your specific website, your web platform and your business requirements prior to starting our efforts.
  • We help you make the best possible decisions about your web platform. We help to ensure adherence to web standards, client accessibility, and GDRP compliance while keeping your overall technology budget in mind.
Charles Hutchinson Digital

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