Heading 2

heading 3

Something doesn’t pass the sniff test. Why would the Democrats do nothing to try to win in 22? With all of the missteps and cluster f*cks since JBs inauguration, it’s almost like they’re preplanned events. if they really cared about 22, they’d be in there making sure dumb shat don’t happen.

Here’s a group of wealthy, seasoned politicians who, if we believe it, rigged who knows how many local, state and national elections (probably some international elections as well). Are we to believe that they’d just let everything go?

Could they know something about the future of our government that led them pull out ALL the stops in 2010 to get into the WH AND win the majority? Maybe there’s a timetable that precludes being concerned about the mid-terms this time around.

That’s the downside.

The upside is having faith in the plan. Patriots are likely three steps ahead, and the left does not even know it.