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What does it take to build a website

What is a web platform?

In this post, I’ll explain why there is much more to your business website than just pages at the end of your company’s URL. I’ll also answer the question, “What does it take to build a website for your business?”

If your business is in business to sell products, gain customers or expand your personal brand, your number one online goal will ALWAYS be to get visitors to your site. A website alone will never meet that goal.

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Charles Hutchinson Agency creates web platforms

A web platform is a combination of web tools, used together to meet your businesses online sales or marketing goals. Whether you sell products, give advice or are building your personal brand, a successful web strategy is more than the website alone. It’s the combination of all of the various parts, working together, to achieve your online goals.

Your effective web platform begins and ends at the website, that’s true. However, the website is just one component of a many-faceted strategy of design, content, keywords, link building, site security, social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, search, analytics and email, among others.

We have a really great client at Charles Hutchinson Agency that came to us from a referral. After completing our Project Requirements Form, we met and began to discuss his overall business strategy. We talked about where his business web platform would fit, and what the potential for business growth was if done correctly. During that first phone call, he made the comment, “I had no idea there was this much involved in a simple website.” That’s a typical response. Most small business owners don’t realize the complexity and strategy that goes into creating and maintaining a successful business web platform.

Why we won’t build you “just a website”

We don’t build websites, we create web platforms designed to exceed your business goals. We will not build you a stand-alone website. It’s not good for our reputation or your business have websites that see no visitors. We will, however, be very excited to design, build and host the web platform that meets your online strategy. And your strategy will always involve more than just static HTML pages.

What does it take to build a website?

Your successful business website requires planning, strategy, great content and a host of services, working together to create a complete web platform. Remember, it much more than just some HTML pages at the end of your business’s URL.

Let Charles Hutchinson Agency create your web platform. Call, click or email us today to start the conversation.

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