MediaTemple Blocked IP Address

Media Temple blocked IP address?

Has Media Temple blocked your IP address or banned your IP address from access your websites? Are you a Media Temple user with access to the control panel? Have you lost access to your Media Temple sites through your web browser (http)? Your IP address may have been automatically blocked or banned by Media Temple because of too many unsuccessful login attempts. This is to protect you against brute force logins against your account.

Media Temple Logo

Where you may have unsuccessful logins

Here are some of the ways you may experience unsuccessful login attempts;

  • Control Panel (Account Center) – you are trying to login to your Media Temple account via the CP.
  • FTP – trying to access your files via File Transfer Protocol.
  • SSH – trying to access your site files over Secure SHell via a terminal session.
  • Email Program – having the incorrect password associated to your Media Temple hosted email account while running your email program (Apple Mail, Outlook).

Check to see if your IP Address is banned

If you find that you can not access your Media Temple hosted websites;

  1. Login to your Account Center
  2. Look for the message stating your IP has been blocked for unsuccessful login attempts. It’s hard to miss
  3. Click the “UNLOCK” button
  4. Wait for a few minutes and try to access your site again.

Media Temple blocked IP

If you are successful, keep working.

Ugh, I keep getting banned

If it happens again, check to see if you are logging in somewhere (likely an email account or a recently changed password for FTP, etc). Try shutting down suspect applications (email, FTP, etc). Once you identify which application is continuing to try to login incorrectly, change the password to the correct one and you  should be good.

Another quick solution is to create a new email for your primary account. This should be an email address that you are not planning on using for sending and receiving email. This method, while creating another email address (and password) has the benefit of bypassing the possibility of your email causing the issue if misconfigured.

Read the Media Temple knowledge article for more information.


The Whole Estate, LLC

The Whole Estate. LLC cares for the needs of families after the loss of placement of a loved one into an extended care facility. They contacted me to create a website and image that portrayed the compassion that they have for families.

Screenshot of Website


Why does a website cost so much?

Web design pricing is almost always difficult. When a new client contacts me about a web project, they usually don’t understand what they want or need. Therefore, I can’t reasonably expect that they understand how a project is priced. So, when I present them with a quote, they usually ask, “why does a website cost so much?”

In an attempt to answer that question (and to have a place to point clients to), I have compiled a short list of the considerations that I use when taking on a new project. This is certainly not an all encompassing list as there are many more items between the lines and the list grows as the scope of the project gets larger.

  • In the beginning, there is the information gathering or “client intake” stage, where I try to understand what it is you want.
  • I then go into the project cost estimation phase where I try to determine all of the factors that will be involved in the project.
  • We agree to partner on the project after a rough sketch of the functions and we enter into a contract or agreement.
  • We then move into the  ideas and thought processes stages followed by project planning, design finalization and development cycles (initial design, dev testing, client testing, correcting defects, more testing).
  • Once the project is nearing completion, there are the inevitable last-minute changes that will be needed to get the exact look, feel and function that both you and I are comfortable with.
  • Then there is the push into production. After which there may be more changes, followed by support.

These are just some of the things that must be considered when pricing your project.

I recently read this great post by Jeff Archibald that delves deeper into the details of how web projects are priced. It’s a quick read and might help you better understand what goes on behind the scenes of a development shop.

Inside the Black Box of Web Design Pricing by Jeff Archibald

WordPress Widget Areas

In this WP Short video, I explain WordPress Widget Areas and their relationship to your WordPress page. The WordPress widgets are found on the WordPress Dashboard.

Requirements – Nada

I hope that you find these WP-Short videos helpful. If so, feel free to leave a comment here or on my YouTube channel

Other Notes:
In this WP Short tutorial, I am running WordPress on the Genesis Framework.

Wylie East Athletics Booster Club

I was hired to recreate a Booster Club website for the Wylie East Athletics Booster Club. This project required email subscriptions, e-commerce, contact information, signup forms, etc. The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) is a great solution for the Wylie East Athletic Boosters since they need multiple people to be able to post and edit content. Do you need a web presence for  you booster club or other non-profit? Contact me to discuss the process. I’m excited to see what we can create.

Wylie East Athletics Website Screenshot

How to Resize an Image for WordPress

How to resize an image for use in WordPress

In this WP Short video, I show you how to resize an image for WordPress pages or posts using the online tool pixlr. This is useful if you don’t have a locally installed application such as photoshop or The Gimp. I use this example for editing Featured Images for WordPress posts and pages, but this can be used to edit and resize images for any purpose.

Other Information – An account is not necessary to use Pixlr but you may want to create an account on or just use your google email.

Requirements – Nada

WP Short Steps:

1. Locate the proper size of your image

2. Save the image to your PC at a location where you can remember where it is

3. Go to

4. Open your image

5. Click Image/Resize from the menu

6. Resize per the instructions and save as a new name.

I hope you found this WPShort video useful. If you would like to see more WP Tutorials, visit the tutorials page or my Youtube channel.

Tim Andersen Trumpet

The Tim Andersen Trumpet page was created in just a few hours because the client was under a deadline by Yamaha music. Tim was required to have a website and an email address. I provided both and really like the results. WordPress is perfect for this site as it allows templates to be created and saved and used over and over on similar projects.

Tim Andersen Trumpet Player Site Screenshot